Soulful Devotion 

Lost in a world of solidarity … her heart longs for the one who made her feel ecstatic… lifting her above the clouds…hands entwined walking on air. But with the snap of reality; he went away. Leaving the assault of his disinterest… iciness … frostiness. Deep within; her mind races. Constantly wondering why he left her in such a disarray. Pondering down broken paths; she searches. Goosebumps travel her skin as the cold air blows…Her mind envisions the wind’s caress, as it deliberately passes through his raven dark hair. Holding onto the memory of his brown eyes; as they sparkle through his smile…She felt this joyful passion of love trace her every curve…yes, she searches. Holding true to her hearts promise to search longer than forever…if only for our souls to reunite once again..


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